Exhibitor Guidelines

All exhibitors should review and abide by the Exhibitor Rules & Regulations as per your contract. In addition to the Exhibitor Rules & Regulations, all exhibitors must also abide by the following guidelines.

Age Restriction:

Unless prior written permission is received from Shoptalk Europe, all exhibitor personnel must be 18 years of age or older. It is not permitted for any under 16’s to be in the venue during build up or breakdown.


The appointed AV contractor for Shoptalk Europe Aztec, have a wide range of audio visual products available for hire. Please refer to their order form or webshop for more details.


Balloons are not permitted on exhibitor booths.

Booth Height:
  • Startup street & village booths (2mx1.5m), and standard 3mx3m and 3mx6m booths:
    All 2mx1.5m startup, 3mx3m or 3mx6m booths are 2.5m high. If you intend to have any display items or installations on your stand of 2.5m high or over, please contact sales@shoptalkeurope.com to confirm the details.
  • 6mx6m booths or larger:
    Booths that are 6mx6m, or larger, have a maximum height restriction of 4 metres, measuring from the floor to the top of the booth.
    All booth displays should be arranged in such a manner so as not to obstruct sight lines of neighbouring exhibitors.

Business Centre:

For all your business service needs, including photocopying, faxing, essential office supplies and a Bureau de Change, visit the ExCeL London Business Services unit. This is located at the West End of the Boulevard on level 0, between hall entrances S4 and N4.

Booth Rendering Approval:

All exhibitors with a 6mx6m booth or larger, or those planning to build out their space, must submit a rendering or picture of their booth build specifying all dimensions to sales@shoptalkeurope.com for approval by 22 April 2022.


Carpet is provided to Shell Scheme booths. Space Only booths are required to provide their own flooring. Full Circle, the appointed carpet contractor, can supply a wide range of carpets and floor coverings. Please refer to the floorcovering order form here for more details. You can view carpet colours available to order here.


ExCeL London’s official caterers, have sole rights over the stand catering and hospitality catering activity at ExCeL. All food & beverage that will be used as stand catering or hospitality catering must therefore be purchased from them - for more information see ExCeL Hospitality Services. If you have any special requests for services not offered by the venue, please contact sales@shoptalkeurope.com to discuss.

Cleaning, Waste & Skip Hire:

All stands, gangways and common areas within the exhibition halls will be cleaned overnight. Should you not require your stand to be cleaned please advise the Organiser's Office as soon as possible.

Plastic sacks are available, free of charge, from the cleaners via the Organiser’s Office. The sacks should be placed in the gangways within 30 minutes of Shoptalk Europe closing each evening. Cleaners will not dispose of rubbish left on your booth.

Exhibitors with lockable areas on their booth must ensure that they leave a duplicate key at the Organiser's Office on the last day of build-up, if they require this area to be cleaned.

Waste materials must not be abandoned onsite, exhibitors will be charged for removal of any items.

If you are not re-using elements of your build/ stand set up at future events, we recommend connecting with Event Cycle who are working to reduce event waste and create positive social change in the process.


The Construction, Design and Management Regulations (CDM Regulations) are designed to ensure that health and safety issues are properly considered during a project’s development, so that the risk of harm to those who have to build, use and maintain structures is reduced. With effect from 16 April 2015, CDM Regulations now apply to the Entertainment Industry, which includes exhibitions and trade shows. For more information and details on how these regulations apply to your stand, please see here.


There are two options to deliver your packages to Shoptalk Europe:

All show related items such as bag inserts, items for your booth, please fill out this GES FREIGHT ORDER FORM and send to Event.logistics@ges.com

Delivery should be address as shown (GES WAREHOUSE)
(Must Arrive to Warehouse NO LATER than May 30th)

Company Name: xxxxxx
Stand No. xxxxxxxxx
Units 27 & 29
Exhibition Way
B40 1PA

Delivery should be address as shown (EXCEL LONDON)

Your name and contact phone number
Company Name: xxxxxx
Booth Number/Hall Number: xxxxxx
Royal Victoria Dock
One Western Gateway
E16 1XL

Double Decker Stands:

Double decker stands are not permitted without prior approval from the Shoptalk Europe team. Please contact sales@shoptalkeurope.com ASAP if you wish to apply for permission to build a double decker.

Dress Code:

Exhibitor personnel must be dressed appropriately and confine their activities on behalf of the exhibitor to the exhibit space of the exhibitor. The dress code is business casual.

Drinks And Drugs:

The abuse of alcohol, drugs and other substances can affect work performance and safety. Any person found to be under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other substances, which in the opinion of the Organisers constitutes a danger to themselves or any other person using ExCeL, will be removed by security.

Emergency Procedures:

Please ensure that you and all your team members have access to a copy of the venue’s emergency procedures document.

Exhibitor Appointed Contractor (EAC):

If your company plans to utilise the services of any independent contractors you must complete and submit the EAC Form along with the EAC’s Certificate of Insurance to sales@shoptalkeurope.com by 22 April 2022.


Any electrical work must be undertaken by Full Circle, the appointed electrical contractor for the event.

Shell scheme booths come with electrical inclusions as part of the package (please refer to the “Shell Scheme Booths & Package Inclusions” section of this document, for further details on this). Space Only booths will need to order any electrical requirements via Full Circle. (Shell scheme order form / Space only order form

Please note that on each block of booths, there will be an electrical mains power box connecting the booth to the power supply in the floor ducts. This will be placed on the wall of the booth that sits over the service duct. Full Circle will, where possible, try to position this so that it does not impact on the aesthetics of the booth concerned. Should you find the mains box on your booth, please do not cover it. as access may be needed at any time.

First Aid:

There is a First Aid office located down the stairs opposite N4 Entrance on the ground level. Should you require any medical assistance whilst onsite, please contact the nearest member of the security team, visit the Organiser’s Office or contact the First Aid Room directly on +44 (0) 20 7069 4000 or dial 4444 from any internal phone. For more information on emergency procedures please see here.

If you are involved in, or are a witness to an accident whilst onsite at Shoptalk Europe (regardless of how small), it must be reported to the Organiser’s Office immediately.


To ensure the safety of all our visitors and exhibitors, there are a number of regulations that govern gangways:

  • All gangways must remain unobstructed and accessible at all times. Under no circumstances must any part of your booth, furniture, exhibits or displays project beyond the boundary of your booth.
  • Emergency exits and gangways must remain unobstructed by any obstacles at all times.
  • Exhibitors should only work within the confines of their booth and exhibitors are not permitted to canvass away from their stand space.

Health and safety:

It is the policy of Hyve to endeavour to seek the cooperation of all concerned in order to achieve the highest standards in all aspects of Health & Safety. For full details of your responsibilities from a health and safety perspective and for guidance on Hyve and ExCeL policies. Please see here.


It is a condition of your sponsorship agreement that you have arranged adequate insurance in relation to your participation in the Event. The minimum limits of insurance required are £2,000,000 for any one occurrence to cover liability and any other relevant costs and expenses arising from your participation in the Event. All exhibitors are required to submit a Certificate of Insurance to sales@shoptalkeurope.com by 22 April 2022.


General attendee WiFi will be available to all attendees throughout the venue. If you plan on hosting demos or any activity that will require a large amount of bandwidth, you must purchase dedicated internet for your booth space. Contact ExCeL IT services directly to order your internet.


In the interest of safety, only the appointed lifting contractor may operate forklifts and other lifting equipment within the halls. If you require any lifting, please contact GES Logistics directly to discuss your requirements. Event.logistics@ges.com


Shell Scheme booths will all be provided with spotlights. Space Only booths will need to order lighting and any other electric requirements via Full Circle. (Shell scheme order form / Space only order form)

All lighting within the exhibit space must be arranged and operated so as not to be distracting to adjacent exhibitors.

Line of Sight:

Displays in exhibit spaces must be designed and operated in a manner that respects the rights of other exhibitors and attendees. Displays shall not block or obstruct the view of a neighbouring exhibitor. 


If at any time during Shoptalk Europe open days you need to carry out maintenance work on your booth, this must be done after the exhibition has closed. You will need to apply to the Organiser’s Office by 14:00 for authorisation to do so and permission will only be granted in exceptional circumstances.


Nameboards are supplied to all shell scheme booths. You will receive one nameboard per open side.

Please remember to complete the shell scheme nameboard form to indicate how you wish your company name to appear. In the event that this form is not received, your nameboard will be made up with the name on your original stand contract and any changes onsite will be subject to a charge.


ExCeL operates a number of car parks onsite. Parking costs £20 for up to 24 hours for cars, transit vans (up to 3.5T) and mini buses. Parking is allocated on a first come, first served basis. 

For more information, please visit ExCeL’s website.

Promotional Materials/Activities:

All promotional materials/activities must be confined to your booth and/or meeting space. Exhibitors are not permitted to distribute promotional materials in any areas outside of their allocated booth space.


Every attendee must be registered and is required to wear a Shoptalk Europe badge in order to access any part of the Shoptalk Europe event - including sessions, meal functions, networking receptions, meeting rooms, and the exhibit hall. Anyone who requires access to your booth during show hours must be registered for Shoptalk Europe. 


The ExCeL London official contractor for rigging is ExCeL Event Services and for health and safety reasons they must carry out all rigging onsite. Lighting rigs, structural rigging and banners are permitted on Space Only booths, provided the uppermost point is within 6m from the venue floor and the lowest point is above 2.3m.

All rigging is subject to approval by the Organiser and must be contained within the confines of the stand and may not overhang any gangways or neighbouring stands. Rigging may not be attached to built/stand structures or be used for structural support.

Please refer to the Rigging Order form for rates and details of available services. If you intend to rig, please contact sales@shoptalkeurope.com with details before 22 April 2022.


Please let sales@shoptalkeurope.com know if you plan to bring a robot into your exhibit space as this requires additional approvals and insurance.

Shell Scheme Booths & Package Inclusions:
  • Startup Street & Village Booths Include:

    • Shell Scheme Walling
    • Grey Carpet
    • Nameboard
    • Furniture: 1x Counter & 1x stools
    • Electrics: 1x 500w Socket (not 24hr power)
  • 3m x 3m Booths Include:

    • Shell Scheme Walling
    • Grey Carpet
    • Nameboard
    • Furniture: 1x Table & 2x chairs
    • Electrics: 1x 500w Socket (not 24hr power) & 2x Spotlights
  • 3m x 6m Booths Include:

    • Shell Scheme Walling
    • Grey Carpet
    • Nameboard
    • Furniture: 1x Table & 4x chairs
    • Electrics: 1x 500w Socket (not 24hr power) & 4x Spotlights

Shell scheme booths are 2.5m high and built from white Quad system and carpeted with grey cord carpet.  See stand visual here for reference.

The official shell scheme contractor, Full Circle, must carry out all construction work on shell scheme booths. Please do not nail, screw or staple anything into the panels. Any damage caused to the shell scheme is chargeable and will be passed back to the exhibitor. Fixtures can be applied by using methods such as S-hooks, double-sided velcro & blu tack.

If you intend to do any construction within the confines of your shell scheme stand, please contact sales@shoptalkeurope.com to discuss as you may be required to submit additional paperwork.

Please note that no items are to be fixed or suspended from the fascia or ceiling grid, as this could affect the structural integrity of the stand, as some parts are not designed to be weight bearing.


Hanging signs are only allowed above space only booths. Hanging signs may not exceed the length of any side of your booth space or hang over the common aisle space. The top of any hanging sign may not exceed 6m measured from floor to top of banner.

Shell scheme booths are not permitted to hang a sign or other decorations above your booth. 

Exhibitors are not permitted to display signage in any areas outside of their allocated booth/meeting space: NO POP UP BANNERS!

Space Only regulations:

All space only booths must receive approval to build prior to coming onsite. Please refer to the space only regulations here for full details of space only regulations and to submit your plans for approval to build.


Sound must be maintained at a level that is not disruptive to neighbouring exhibitors. If you intend to play music on your stand, you are responsible for ensuring that you have any required licences in place. Please refer to https://pplprs.co.uk/contact-us/ for more details.


Any vehicles that are brought into the venue to display within your exhibit space, must be approved in advance. If you intend to have a vehicle on your stand, please contact sales@shoptalkeurope.com no later than 22 April 2022.

Exhibitors are responsible for completing and submitting all necessary paperwork and must abide by all display vehicle rules and regulations as detailed in the eGuide.


Additional walling on open sides is at the discretion of the Organisers and may only be approved as long as the walling does not exceed one third of the total run of meterage of each open side. 

Therefore, two thirds of the run must be open or made from transparent material. Alternatively, solid walling may be placed 1 metre in from the stand perimeter, subject to the Organiser’s approval. 

The reverse of any walling over 2.5m high must be finished in white. It may not feature any advertisement or branding.

Wheelchair hire and Accessibility:

For full details on accessibility at the venue, including wheelchair and mobility scooter hire, please see here. 

Working at height:

All working at heights are subject to risk assessment. Please refer to the Health & Safety Guidelines for more details.

Crew Badges:

Register your Crew badges for Shoptalk Europe here. Crew badges are complimentary and grant access to vendors working on a booth throughout the event; these badges are not to be registered for employees or staff from the exhibiting company. Each exhibiting company can register a maximum of two crew badges. Please note: crew badges do not include access to meals, sessions, or any evening receptions.