Site Rules

The following site rules will be in place at Shoptalk Europe throughout the event, please ensure that you have communicated these to all staff and third party contractors coming onsite for the event.

Failure to comply with these Site Rules may result in the offending party being removed from site.

  1. Everyone must consider the safety of themselves and others at all times.

  2. Compliance with the Show Site Rules, eGuide, H&S legislation and CDM regulations is required at all times.

  3. Only authorised access is permitted into the exhibition halls and attendee, contractor or exhibitor badges should be worn throughout the event tenancy.

  4. There will be a large number of large vehicles and heavy plant machinery operating onsite and anyone working in the halls must be vigilant at all times and aware of moving traffic and forklifts. Particular attention should be paid in the loading areas inside and outside the halls. Keep clear of moving vehicles and make use of pedestrian walkways where available. Never walk behind a reversing vehicle and under a vehicle (FLT) with a raised load.

    All personnel must comply with the following regulations regarding vehicle movement:
    1. Those persons entering the site must take all reasonable precautions to minimise risk
    2. Site vehicles must not exceed the speed limit of 5mph
    3. All those who are operating site vehicles must be trained to do and in possession of valid license sufficient numbers of competent banksmen should be used to ensure all vehicle movements are made safely
    4. The use of mobile phones whilst operating vehicles is forbidden.

  5. PPE – the following PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) must be worn at all times during build up on 4 and 5 June and during breakdown. It is also highly recommended during the remainder of build up.
    1. High Visibility Vests
    2. Safety shoes
    3. Suitable head protection when working at height (above 4m) or around working at height
    4. Further PPE provision may be required if determined in risk assessment/activity.

  6. All hazardous chemicals must be contained and stored in accordance with the material safety data sheet and included in your management risk assessment.

  7. Hot work will be subject to a Hot Work Permit.

  8. Ensure all of your equipment has been Portable Appliance Tested (PAT) and is well maintained. Prior checks before use are recommended.

  9. Appropriate and safe methods of working at height are required at all times and should be covered in your company’s risk assessment.

  10. Noise must be kept to a minimum so far as reasonably practicable. Ensure ear defenders are worn at all times when appropriate.
  11. Excessive Late Working will require additional crews.

  12. All contractor accidents, incidents and near misses must be reported immediately to the Organiser’s Office immediately.

  13. Dangerous working will result in suspension from the workplace, repeat offenders will be removed from site.

  14. Smoking (including e-cigarettes) is not permitted anywhere within the venue. 

  15. Anyone suspected of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be ejected.

  16. Good house keeping should be maintained at all times:
    1. Any waste being disposed of in an appropriate manner
    2. Emergency gangways must be freight free and kept clear at all times
    3. You must have appropriate measures in place to ensure there is no buildup of dust
    4. Cutting and sanding tools must have extraction or dust bags fitted
    5. All works and work equipment need to be secured prior to leaving the site.

Emergency Procedures

In addition to these site rules, a copy of the emergency procedures document should be provided to all staff, contractors and third party contractors prior to coming onsite.

Welfare Arrangements

The Organiser’s Office will be located on the Boulevard side of halls N18. Please visit the office for site information and Health & Safety queries.

Contractor service desks are located at the front of the event halls.

Food & bottled water is available from outlets on the Boulevard, during build up and breakdown.

The Medical Centre is located down the stairs opposite N4 Entrance on the ground level and manned by trained staff at all times. Tel: +44 (0)20 7069 5556.