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RevLifter is on a mission to make every eCommerce deal intelligent across the entire customer journey. 

Its multi-award-winning platform gathers real-time behavioral and contextual signals from each customer to solve a range of eCommerce challenges, including:

· Grow average order value (AOV)

· Reduce cart abandonment

· Increase deal profitability

· Improve acquisition

· Raise customer lifetime value (CLV)

· Boost conversion rates

· Increase market share

RevLifter's solutions include RevPage, which recaptures deal-searching customers and brings them back onto a hyper-personalized deal page, and RevConvert, an intelligent on-site messaging tool that boosts AOV and conversion rates by recognizing what each customer needs to convert.

RevLifter’s cutting-edge solutions are available worldwide and rapid to implement. Its technology is reimagining eCommerce incentivization by consistently delivering the best possible outcome for brands and their customers.