Sales Layer

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Sales Layer is a fast-growing startup with an international team that since 2013 develops PIM (Product Information Management) software, a platform for centralization, automation and enrichment of product information.

In the last few years it has firmly become a leader in its market, securing partnerships with Google Manufacturer, Amazon Vendor, BigCommerce and Mercado Libre, a presence in +50 countries, and big customers such as Teka, Rexel, ACCIONA and AkzoNobel.

Sales Layer offers a SaaS software that automates the complexity around product content management in a world where digital transactions are on the rise. In this new global commercial scenario, the key to optimize the shopping process and customer experiences is undoubtedly the quality of product content and the correct management of product catalogs, connected to hundreds of offline and online channels.


Sales Layer main features

●     Management of large and complex product catalogs.

●     Multi-language and product variants management.

●     Simple and automated import and export of product data.

●     Connection of multiple channels (offline, digital, print).

●     Scalability based on catalog volume and channels.

●     True source of product information for multichannel and omnichannel strategies.

Sales Layer main benefits

●     Dedicated support and technical assistance.

●     The fastest response times to queries.

●     Intuitive UX.

●     Product marketing approach — a tool created by and for marketing teams.

●     Freedom and control for editing product data templates and organizing information.

●     Platform that supports team collaboration by creating workflows.

●     Up and running in less than 60 days.

●     Charts to analyze catalog status.

●     Tool uptime of 99.5%.

How Sales Layer helps businesses

●     Positive impact on conversion and lower return rate due to higher quality product content.

●     Increased customer satisfaction and better shopping experience.

●     Support in the onboarding process.

●     Personalized support with dedicated Customer Success Manager.

●     Preconfigured connectors for ecommerce channels.

●     Improved brand image standardized across all channels.

●     Optimized catalog positioning on marketplaces and search engines.

●     Improved communications within the internal team and with partners thanks to a centralized catalog that serves as a single source of truth for product information.

●     Elimination of errors in product content, with homogenized data across all channels.

●     Reduced catalog management software maintenance costs.

●     Savings in repetitive and unproductive catalog data management tasks.