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Signifyd is the leading eCommerce Revenue Protection Platform, leveraging AI and a global commerce network of more than $100BN of transaction data. Signifyd helps over 10,000 merchants increase revenue from existing checkout traffic, automate shipping decisions and protect against chargebacks and consumer abuse.


Today’s highly competitive eCommerce environment has never been more critical to ensure every sale is converted at checkout and the revenue protected from chargebacks. 


Acknowledged to be the market leader by industry analysts and merchants alike, Signifyd provides a friction-free buying process across eCommerce for countless household names, including Samsung, Lego, Lacoste, Mango, Omega, amongst many others.


Combined with 3DS2.2 capability to provide Exemptions and SCA in compliance with PSD2 legislation in Europe, Signifyd is the most comprehensive Commerce Protection Platform on the market allowing its customers to grow their online retail operations without the fear of fraud.