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Vyne uses open banking to power account-to-account payments, eliminating middle-men, and improving the customer checkout experience.    Since the pandemic, merchants have needed to upgrade their eCommerce offerings to compete on a global scale as more customers turn to the internet to do their shopping. With Vyne, customers pay for goods directly from their bank account, removing the need for their card details. Vyne is a frictionless experience for customers.   As a merchant, pain points are resolved as transaction costs are lower (by up to 80%) and you receive funds instantly. No more waiting days, weeks, or even months for funds to settle. Furthermore, you have the ability to offer instant refunds - either partial or in full, improving customer sentiment and brand loyalty. Chargebacks are eliminated and reconciliation is quick and simple.    Founded by true payments experts with decades of combined industry experience, Vyne’s innovative technology and solutions ensure faster, safer, seamless payments. Payments perfected.