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Xiatech are experts in modern system integration that dramatically accelerates time-to-insight and business transformation, as well as extending the value of legacy technology investments.  

Xiatech’s Hyper-Integration platform delivers value in just weeks because it is the first to provide real-time system integration, continuous intelligence, process automation and analytics in a single solution.  

Xiatech’s platform is used by digital leaders who recognise that in order to accelerate business transformation, real-time interactions of systems and data are key. Our AI-enabled platform creates growth through digitally connecting composable systems, unifying siloed data into a single view and empowering people via enhanced analytics, insight-driven decisions and automated processes. This modern way of working is possible because Xiatech pioneered and leverages Hyper-Integration techniques and tools.  

Headquartered in London, UK, high-performing organisations around the world that rely on Xiatech everyday to innovate and grow include Reiss, Life Style Sports, Flying Tiger, Fitflop, Db Journey, G-Star and many others.  To gain a competitive advantage, visit www.xiatech.co.uk