Exhibit & Sponsor

Over 250 companies will exhibit at and sponsor Shoptalk Europe, with over 100 of these companies expected to be in our dedicated Groceryshop zone. We offer technology companies and solution providers a uniquely large and highly qualified, as well as international, audience - including senior decision makers and influencers to:

  • Interact with a highly engaged, high profile audience;
  • Raise brand awareness;
  • Meet and collaborate with existing clients, senior decision-makers, prospects and partners;
  • Generate leads and develop new partnerships;
  • Launch new products or companies;
  • Make announcements;
  • Fundraise or source investments.

Our exhibit hall will showcase over 200 organisations and our Hosted Retailers & Brands Programme will curate over 3,000 onsite meetings with representatives from over 500 retailers and brands.

Hosted Retailers & Brands Programme

Maximum guaranteed lead generation at Shoptalk Europe is achieved through our Hosted Retailers & Brands Programme. As part of their programme participation, over 500 individuals from more than 300 retailers and brands will commit to taking part in 3,000+ 15-minute onsite meetings with sponsors of the programme.

You do not need to exhibit at Shoptalk Europe to take part in our Hosted Retailers & Brands Programme.

Meetings are with individuals from retailers and brands who are:

  • Decision makers;
  • Chosen by you;
  • Want to meet with you.