Paloma Juncos

Head of Digital Data and Ecommerce Performance


During my work life, I have followed my passion for people, travel, digital and international business working in different continents and getting international experience helping companies do business abroad and meeting interesting people along the way. Over my career I have developed an extensive knowledge of International Business, Digital and Traditional Marketing, Digital and predictive analytics, Market Research and International Consultancy.
I started my career as Asian Market Analyst based in Shanghai where I went to explore the Chinese and Asian markets. During these four years I was responsible for consultancy support for Spanish companies doing business in Asia (China, Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong). In 2010 I moved to New York to further expand my experience in a different continent and work as Director of the North American Office helping Spanish companies do business in the US, Mexico and Canada.
During more than 3 years I worked as the Marketing and Events Manager for a fintech start-up being responsible for the Marketing strategy traditional and digital with special focus on Latam and Europe.
In the last 6 years I have worked as Head of Digital data and eCommerce Performance in LOEWE (LVMH group) managing the traffic acquisition, ecom performance and predictive analytics to impact in different areas such as CRM, Digital and Media.