• Company: Marketplacer (United States)
Strategic Investments Accelerate Growth Across Europe As The Demand For Online Marketplaces Continues To Increase
DENVER — May 9, 2023 – Marketplacer, a global technology platform that enables brands, retailers, suppliers, communities, and innovators to build and grow successful online marketplaces at scale, today announced strategic investments in Europe, as well as new partners and programs to support the growth of online marketplaces across the region and around the world.
These investments in the European market will enable more enterprises, sellers, and partners in the region to tap into the massive potential that online marketplaces present. With $3.24 trillion sold online in 2022 and 68 percent of global B2C eCommerce expected to come through marketplaces this year, the opportunities for growth are significant.
Marketplacer’s strategic expansion in the region will be supported through the addition of industry veterans to the European leadership team, including Vice President of Solution Engineering Luke Hilton and longtime retail influencer and Strategic Advisor to the Board Martin Newman.
“With so much potential in Europe, we’re taking bold steps to invest in and strengthen our presence across the region,” said Jason Wyatt, executive chairman, and CEO, Marketplacer. “We’re committed to supporting our aggressive growth goals across the region by building a best-in-class team that will deliver the necessary expertise and solutions for our customers and their customers, as well.”
To better serve the region, Marketplacer announced new partnerships with two of Europe’s leading channel managers, ChannelEngine and Luzern eCommerce.
With offices around the globe, including the Netherlands, UAE, US, and APAC, ChannelEngine facilitates the sales of more than six million products from 1,500 brands on 250+ sales channels.
Luzern eCommerce is Europe’s leading ecommerce accelerator for brands, delivering the technology and the expertise to optimize sales, margins, and inventory across channels and geographies.
The new partnerships enable ChannelEngine and Luzern eCommerce to combine their numerous merchant networks with Marketplacer’s major retailers and will significantly boost time to value for operators globally.
Underscoring Marketplacer’s expansion in Europe is the latest customer to go live in the Nordics, FINN, which is part of Schibsted Nordic Marketplaces. FINN is Norway’s largest marketplace and is hugely popular among Norwegians looking to buy or sell a large variety of products.
The company chose Marketplacer when it wanted to create a new marketplace for refurbished electronics. This strategy not only contributes to the company's growth initiatives but also reinforces its commitment to a circular economy by reducing consumer electronics' contribution to landfill.
“We are always looking for ways to expand into new categories that are relevant to our communities,” said Emilie Høstmark, FINN team lead for the refurbished electronics initiative. “Standing up a new marketplace is no easy task, but by partnering with Marketplacer we were able to go live within six months and experience real revenue growth in just a week. We can’t wait to leverage this new partnership to open up more marketplaces featuring more products.”
To support growing brands or retailers across the region, and across the globe, Marketplacer launched two innovative customer-centric programs: the Marketplacer Seller Community and the Marketplacer Accelerator Program.
An essential component of an online marketplace’s success is the ability to provide quality products and brands to the right audience. The Marketplacer Seller Community offers a simple and effective way for sellers and integrated channel managers to connect with Marketplacer operators and expand their reach while allowing operators to easily find and partner with high-quality sellers resulting in a streamlined process that allows them to focus on building a successful marketplace.
The Marketplacer Accelerator Program enables retailers to expand their product offerings, explore new brands and markets with lower investment risk, and scale more efficiently than drop-shipping while better managing sellers. The solution lets retailers quickly set up a marketplace that integrates with their existing e-commerce platforms including Adobe Commerce Cloud, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, commercetools, and BigCommerce. This reduces time-to-launch, eliminates complex implementations, and promotes faster revenue generation.
Learn more about these new programs and Marketplacer’s composable commerce solution by visiting us at Booth F20 during ShopTalk Europe, May 9-11, 2023.
Marketplacer is a global technology Software as a Service (SaaS) platform equipped with all the tools and functionality needed to build successful and scalable online marketplaces, at speed. To date, Marketplacer has helped build and deploy over 100 Marketplaces connecting over 13,000 businesses worldwide. The Marketplacer platform exists to make growth simple, from implementing marketplace strategies such as shipment from drop-ship sellers, adding new categories or third-party range extension, to consolidating markets and rolling out modern revenue models such as recurring memberships that allow businesses to grow faster and beyond the constraints of capital inventory.
Born and bred from the award-winning BikeExchange, the biggest online marketplace for anything and everything bike, founders Jason Wyatt and Sam Salter saw the opportunity to licence the online software platform and apply it to new marketplaces. Marketplacer is responsible for the creation of online eCommerce solutions and business transformations of companies around the world. Visit.marketplacer.com for more information.
ChannelEngine's story began in 2013, when it became undeniable that marketplaces were going to be one of the most important elements of the global e-commerce industry. We saw an opportunity to make these powerful platforms available to any business. Our 15+ years of e-commerce experience helped us build the most complete marketplace management suite and now, ten years later, we facilitate the sale of over 6 million products from 8,100 brands on 200+ marketplaces.
Luzern eCommerce is a leading European managed eCommerce platform provider that
optimizes sales, margins and inventory across channels and geographies for brands across the globe. Our technology (Channel Optimizer) coupled with our deep domain expertise helps brands reach and convert customers on their channel of choice: direct on a branded webstore, on Amazon or other marketplaces or through Social Commerce. We excel at the execution-end of eCommerce, bringing speed and agility to ensure fast time to value for our customers. Luzern eCommerce has evolved with economic and consumer trends and has adapted the business to what it is today, a leading eCommerce accelerator to some of the world’s leading Brands. Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, Luzern is proven to dramatically grow online revenues and is trusted by brands such as Fossil, JDE coffee, Petsafe, HTC and Nestlé.
Michael Herrera for Marketplacer
For more information contact:
Mr. Michael Herrera, Director, Public Relations and Analyst Relations 
+1 720.560.3890

  • Company: Vestofy  (Israel)
Announcing Vestofy
Clothing size hassle when shopping online is a true pain and a real problem for online shops. Merchandise return and cart abandonment are mainly caused due to size issues. By solving size hesitation Vestofy helps retailers to increase their sales funnel and reduce returns.
For more information contact:
Leon Bangiev, CEO
  • Company: EDITED  (UK)
EDITED recently announced an investment of $15 million from Delta-v Capital. The funding comes on the heels of significant momentum. EDITED will use the investment to accelerate product development, invest in partnerships, and opportunistic M&A that will expand our value proposition for customers.
For more information contact:
Simon Link

  • Company: CRUXO  (Czechoslovakia)
Czech retail media platform Cruxo is going global, backed by a strong investor trio
Besides gaining the trust of its first clients, Czech startup Cruxo has also earned the confidence of investors. Czech Founders VC, Presto Ventures and Zaka VC have jointly invested more than EUR 800k in the company. The founders and their investors want to enable both Czech and foreign e-retailers to develop a new source of high-margin revenue: the retail media.
For more information contact:
Mr Martin Svarc

  • Company: JD.COM  (Netherlands)

We are excited to introduce JD.com's new retail brand, ochama, an omnichannel retailer providing a wide range of high-quality products at competitive price to customers in Europe. We look forward to sharing more and discussing how we can collaborate to enhance the shopping landscape in Europe.


For more information contact:
Yanjiao Ma - jd.com

  • Company: Loyal Guru   (Spain)
Loyal Guru on Google Cloud Marketplace.
Commercial collaboration with Loyal Guru will help retailers automate their loyalty initiatives and boost revenue-driving personalization efforts.
Loyal Guru, the SaaS company that operates the modular & scalable customer loyalty platform specifically designed for the retail industry, today announces that it has joined Google Cloud Marketplace. Retail businesses using Google Cloud will benefit from frictionless and rapid access to Loyal Guru's customer activation platform and solutions. The move will also provide an important new distribution channel for Loyal Guru as the company enters a rapid growth phase.
"Google Cloud Marketplace is an important new sales channel for our business that will help us reach new customers worldwide in partnership with one of the world's leading cloud businesses. Google Cloud provides us with a truly global reach and a reputation for excellence that will help us get our message to new audiences", said Borja Sanfeliu, CEO at Loyal Guru.
Loyal Guru is already an Independent Solution Vendor (ISV) for Google Cloud, and leverages Google Cloud technologies in its own technology stack. As retailers worldwide move their data centers from on-premises to the cloud, many are also selecting Google Cloud to drive operational improvement across the business. For these organizations, procuring and integrating Loyal Guru's Smart Loyalty Platform will be easier than ever, enabling them to launch disruptive next-gen loyalty programs with the quickest time-to-market, while enjoying unmatched security, flexibility and control.
"The integration of Loyal Guru's innovative customer loyalty platform into Google Cloud Marketplace, will  empower retailers with new  tools to drive consumer engagement and loyalty in a rapidly evolving retail landscape. We are pleased to continue to help accelerate digital transformation across retail and assist retailers to succeed in a digital-first world", said Paul Tepfenhart, Global Director - FDM Retail & Consumer Solutions at Google Cloud.
Google Cloud Marketplace provides integrated solutions that cover the broad needs of businesses. Google Cloud Marketplace enables companies to scale procurement through online discovery, purchasing, and fulfillment of enterprise-grade cloud solutions.
Loyal Guru's customer loyalty platform can be delivered as a single cloud instance through Google Cloud, or as a multi-cloud solution to organizations using alternative cloud platforms. The platform enables grocery and retail businesses to unite disparate datasets to form a real-time view of customers, and activate this data in next-generation loyalty experiences.
For more information contact:
Ms  Isabel Isabel , Brand & Content Manager

  • Company: Sponsorcart.io (United States)

Sponsorcart partners with Publicis Groupe's Citrusad to bring onsite shoppable video to its retail clients.

For more information contact:
Stephen Caffrey, CEO
  • Company: Talkable  (United States)
More than 10 years ago, Talkable invented the post-purchase popup to drive shares right after purchase. Now, it is time to accelerate sales for brands using the human-touch experience in which Talkable prides itself. More than ever, consumers utilize video to share opinions and thoughts with their peers, and brands have an unprecedented need to utilize that authentic content in their marketing efforts.
Talkable is pleased to announce the next evolution of referral marketing with our innovative new solution, Talkable Video. Unlocking the true power of user-generated content, Talkable Video allows marketers to collect valuable insights about customers, encourage advocates to share even more, and create a library of user-generated content to use across multiple platforms and mediums.
It is one more way for Talkable to be the best partner to the world’s leading brands by creating thoughtful and personalized customer experiences that drive meaningful growth.
For more information contact:
Ms Sara Cook

  • Company: Luzern (Ireland)
Luzern eCommerce Unveils Its Latest Channel Optimizer™ Platform Release
Solidifies Its Position As The Leading European eCommerce Accelerator for Brands
Shoptalk Europe Event, Barcelona – Tuesday 9th May: Luzern eCommerce, the leading European eCommerce Accelerator, today unveiled its latest Channel Optimizer™ platform release. The release delivers unparalleled new features and enhancements and is central to the company’s tech-enabled services enabling Brands to optimize sales, margins, and inventory across channels and borders. Leading brands already deployed include HTC, Nestlé, Wella, Petsafe and Philips Hue (Signify) Lighting.
Channel Optimizer™ is a managed eCommerce platform, meaning Luzern eCommerce manages the platform and the tech-enabled services on behalf of brands, as their third-party eCommerce enabler. This flexibility and agile approach takes the heavy lifting out of eCommerce execution for brands enabling them to move fast, test and learn, and take control of how they perform and sell online.
Insights and Advanced Analytics: Enhanced performance indicators across shopper behavior such as propensity to buy, and enhanced performance indicators across brands and sellers such as factors to win Buy Box. Better insights mean better business decision-making.
Fully Automated Returns: The new release automates the return process across channels delivering a fast, no-touch service. The easy integration to an ERP system removes the complexity for the brands whilst improving the experience for the consumer.
Dynamic Price Management: Real-time price change based on strategic pricing rules configured in the platform. Rapidly identify price, margin, and revenue trends for more effective price management.
Fast integrations - API-driven Integration layer enables the most complete, modern eCommerce solution. A key feature is the use of the Amazon Seller Partner API which enables the ultimate optimization of product listings, better buy-box management including the latest competitor buy-box analytics and better analysis of advertising ACoS. The new release also integrates with connectors such as Marketplacer, Effect Connect and Myrakl for multiple marketplaces across Europe.
Channel Optimizer™ is a modular platform and is headless. The de-coupled back-end engine enables brands to prioritize which elements they need from complete end-to-end to more tailored solutions that extend and complement existing eCommerce capabilities. The composable architecture brings flexibility and scalability.
The platform also includes enhanced tools for managing inventory across multiple channels. Brands can now easily track stock levels in real time and adjust pricing accordingly. This enables them to quickly respond to changing market conditions and maximize sales opportunities. Additionally, the new version offers streamlined order processing capabilities that enable faster and more efficient fulfillment operations.
The company uses analytics-derived insights at its heart and presents the insights as a series of solutions that take the insights and apply actions to them that enable Luzern to act on them on behalf of the brand. It allows prescriptive analytics solutions to be implemented without the Brands needing to use data scientists for data analysis. This provides a simple-to-adopt solution that targets a selection of specific challenges that many brands face when selling D2C, on Amazon, and now supports multiple other marketplaces.
"We are excited to launch our newest version of Channel Optimizer" commented Mike Scally, CTO of Luzern eCommerce. "The AI and machine learning techniques incorporated can now deliver even more actionable insights to optimize strategies for brands to better understand their customers’ needs and preferences and deliver the best eCommerce experience."
Ken Doyle, CEO, Luzern eCommerce commented, “We have built a world-class eCommerce platform ‘Channel Optimizer™’. We wrap this technology with revenue-generating services and deliver expert solutions to our growing base of clients around the world. It is a platform built by our experts for, and with, ambitious brands, and I’m delighted that our latest technology is trusted by some of the world’s leading brands”
Luzern eCommerce is committed to helping brands succeed in today's ever-evolving digital landscape. With its cutting-edge technology and deep understanding of the eCommerce space, the company continues to set the standard for delivering innovative solutions that drive meaningful and measurable results for its clients.
About Luzern eCommerce
As the leading European eCommerce Accelerator, Luzern eCommerce optimizes sales, margins and inventory across channels and geographies for brands across the globe. Our technology (Channel Optimizer™) coupled with our deep domain expertise helps brands reach and convert customers on their channel of choice: on Amazon or other Marketplaces, direct on a branded webstore, or through Social Commerce. We excel at the execution end of eCommerce, bringing speed and agility to ensure fast time to value for our customers. Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, Luzern eCommerce is proven to dramatically grow online revenues and is trusted by brands such as Philips Hue (Signify), Fossil, JDE coffee, Petsafe, HTC and Nestlé.
For more information contact:
Orla Power, Director of Marketing, Luzern eCommerce: orla.power@luzern.co
For more information contact:
Ms Orla Power 

  • Company: Tecla.it   (Italy)
Orienteed is excited to announce that Crowlify, its all-in-one platform that streamlines your environment and operations with a Gitops approach, has just been released! Crowlify revolutionizes the management of your HCL commercial infrastructure to let you focus on what really matters.
For more information contact:
Mr Stefano Zauli
  • Company: eDesk  (Ireland)
eDesk AI Revolutionizes Customer Support for eCommerce
eCommerce support software company launches AI-powered automation that drastically improves the speed and quality of customer engagement and significantly reduces support costs.
New York, NY - On May 9, 2023, eDesk, the eCommerce customer support software company, announced the launch of eDesk AI, powered by generative artificial intelligence.
This innovative suite of AI-powered features analyzes incoming customer queries and generates contextually relevant, personalized replies that can either be reviewed by an agent, or delivered automatically — with no agent interaction. Because eDesk is connected to sales channels, it uses order and shipment data to augment replies and deliver highly accurate solutions. It’s the next generation of customer support software that will radically reduce response times and free up agents to focus on more complex issues that need a human touch.
“When I founded eDesk seven years ago, my #1 goal was to create a tool to simplify and centralize support for eCommerce,” said Ray Nolan, CEO at eDesk. “Today, we process more than 50 million messages per month for thousands of sellers across the globe. We’ve taken those learnings, harnessed the power of AI, and automated front-line support, so agents can reply in seconds, rather than hours. eDesk AI is the future of customer support, and we’re excited to be at the forefront of this innovative technology.”
eDesk AI is easy to integrate into existing workflows and can be customized to suit the unique needs of any business. It offers a range of features and benefits, including:
Smart categorization and sentiment analysis: eDesk AI rapidly analyzes queries, creates an at-a-glance summary, assigns a sentiment (positive, neutral, negative), and automatically designates a root cause and classification. This allows agents to quickly identify and prioritize the most important issues.
Automated response generation: eDesk AI generates suggested responses that can either be used by agents or automatically sent to customers, reducing response times and improving customer satisfaction.
Customizable responses: Businesses can customize eDesk AI's responses to match their brand tone and voice, ensuring consistency across all customer communications.
Enhanced reporting: eDesk AI provides detailed analytics on customer queries and responses, enabling businesses to identify trends and improve their support processes.
Better yet, eDesk AI lives right alongside the features online retailers already love most about eDesk, including centralized support across 200+ eCommerce and marketplace integrations, ticket, order, and customer information in one screen, templates, notes, and so much more.
“We believe that artificial intelligence will be a game changer for customer support and the eCommerce industry as a whole,” concludes Nolan. “With the increasing demand for instant gratification and personalized attention, we're confident that eDesk AI will greatly benefit our customers by streamlining their support operations, and we’re dedicated to its continued innovation.”
eDesk AI is available with the ticket-based Performance+ plan, which allows sellers to pay as they grow.
The plan includes unlimited users, unlimited integrations, unlimited templates, unlimited automations, and of course, all the incredible features of eDesk AI.
eCommerce businesses can try it free at www.edesk.com/ai/
About eDesk
eDesk offers a suite of eCommerce tools, including Repricer and Feedbackexpress, to help online retailers manage key aspects of online selling from one centralized solution. With more than 5,000 eCommerce businesses using its award-winning tools, eDesk is the only customer support solution provider on the Amazon and Walmart developer councils, and counts Google, eBay, and Shopify as key partners. It seamlessly connects over 200 marketplace, webstore, social media, and logistics channels, processing over 50 million conversations every month. This results in billions of dollars’ worth of eCommerce transactions per year. eDesk is headquartered in Ireland with offices in the UK and the US, and employs over 100 staff members globally.
For more information contact:
Ms Nicole Scorsatto

  • Company: Algolia (France)
Algolia launches AI-powered Algolia NeuralSearchTM – The world’s fastest, hyper-scalable, and cost-effective vector and keyword search API
For more information contact:
Mr Carl Standertskjold 

  • Company: ByondXR  (Israel)
ByondXR is delighted to announce the launch of its groundbreaking platform for virtual reality (beta version).
Our innovative solution enables businesses to create captivating and immersive 3D experiences that revolutionize how their customers interact with brands and products. Using the latest technological advancements, ByondXR's platform enables seamless, interactive experiences across multiple devices, thus transforming the way retail, e-commerce, and luxury markets function. ByondXR will be exhibiting at ShopTalk this year, allowing you to witness firsthand how by utilizing immersive technology, ByondXR is redefining customer engagement and driving sales in the retail sector.
This platform is designed to help build brand equity and provide value to all target audiences, including our customers, their agencies, and consultancies, as well as our integration partners, by allowing creators to create and users to manage powerful and engaging immersive experiences for a wide range of diverse audiences.
For more information contact:
Noam Levavi, Co founder and CEO

  • Company: Bites (Israel)
We're thrilled to announce that we've just released a new version of our AI capabilities at Bites, and it's faster and more accurate than ever before!
With the help of Chat GPT 4, we can now offer you the ultimate solution for creating powerful micro-learning units for your training and professional content in minutes.
Our team has worked tirelessly to leverage the latest technology and bring you the best possible experience when training your frontline workers including auto-creation of subtitles, translation (140 languages), auto-creation of questions to ensure understanding of the content, auto-creation and highlight of the key takeaways, noise cancellation, speech enhancement and dozens of new AI-based features.
For more information contact:
Eran Heffetz, CEO

  • Company: Streamoid Technologies (India)

Introducing ChatCPG: Your AI-driven shelf auditing assistant

Streamoid Launches Catalogix.ai AI-powered cataloguing and feed syndication solution. Go from product shoot to multi-channel catalogue listing in minutes.
For more information contact:
Malini Konda, Head Revenue
  • Company: Neurolabs (United Kingdom)

Introducing ChatCPG: Your AI-driven shelf auditing assistant

Get fast, reliable answers to all of your shelf auditing queries, without the need to predefine questions, design dashboards, or set up KPIs. With ChatCPG, you can enjoy the flexibility of obtaining insights quickly and easily as your needs change and evolve.
For more information contact:
Remus Pop, Co-Founder & CRO 

  • Company: Syte   (United States)
Syte, the leading visual-AI-powered Product Discovery Platform for retail, today announced the launch of its AI innovation initiative, Syte Labs. The new division will be led by Syte’s CTO, Yair Green, who will guide the team to ideate on new innovations that complement Syte’s core visual AI technology and benefit its customers and partners as well as the broader retail industry. The launch of Syte Labs follows the RetailTech Breakthrough Awards naming Syte the 2023 Overall Customer Loyalty Solution Provider of the Year.
In the face of a difficult economic climate, retailers and brands are challenged with evaluating and scaling their technology stacks to ensure that it’s optimized to perform. As AI moves from just a buzzword to a reality, Syte Labs will be a dedicated research team within Syte to further leverage its proprietary visual AI technology and expertise in the field to address the challenges related to driving business performance and growth, increasing efficiencies, and providing shoppers with experiences catered to their varied preferences and behaviors.
With an emphasis on finding synergies between Syte’s core visual AI engine and new technological developments – like generative AI and predictive AI – Syte Labs will focus on exploring the endless possibilities AI is capable of to benefit both the product discovery experience for the customer and operational and merchandising experiences for retailers. Syte’s tech teams are also emphasizing responsible AI as a guiding principle for new developments.
Some of the first innovations Syte Labs has set its focus on are the combination of visual AI and generative AI to auto-create product titles and descriptions from catalogue images, and multisearch, where customers can use interactive search to support shopping and styling journeys. Syte is also using this forum to further improve its unique visual AI enrichment capabilities, which can use multiple images to extract product tags, adding new dimension and accuracy to automated merchandising.
For more information about Syte’s visual AI technology, please visit https://www.syte.ai/.
For more information contact:
Ms Chris Pham 
  • Company: Brevo (formerly Sendinblue)  (France)
Sendinblue Becomes Brevo
Reflecting Company Growth and Platform Evolution
Expanded company direction in response to the evolving needs of digital businesses as consumer preferences take centre stage
Paris, May 4, 2023 – The leading global all-in-one digital marketing platform for small to medium-sized businesses, formerly known as Sendinblue, announces its rebranding as Brevo to deliver on its mission to provide businesses of all sizes with a full customer relationship management (CRM) suite to power long-term, sustainable growth. This requires that businesses invest in technology to grow customer relationships at scale.
Since 2012, Brevo has set the pace for innovation and adding new features. In recent years, it has observed a change in the needs of its customers. Over the last three years, this trend has continued with a steady adoption of multichannel customer engagement. For the company, only 31% of its customers remain solely focused on the email marketing feature. This proves that businesses today need more because their customers expect more. They want businesses to personalize communications and tailor offerings in an ultra-digitized and rapidly changing world.
Modern businesses need more than traditional marketing tactics
they need full Marketing and CRM tools packed into one platform that meets customers where they are in real time with two-way conversations via SMS, WhatsApp, and chat. In recognition of the evolution to a full CRM Suite, Sendinblue has been renamed to reflect this more accurate description of its full capabilities.
“The pace of digital marketing and consumer behavior has required that we innovate and evolve to empower businesses to grow even during challenging cycles,” shares Armand Thiberge, Founder and CEO. “We have answered this call with an accessible, affordable solution that nurtures customer relationships and delivers growth at scale. The transformation into Brevo is an important milestone at the decade mark for our company. This expansion will carry us through the next 10 years as we deliver on our own ambitious growth goals. We believe in empowering businesses of every size to keep the global economy strong. This is why the name Brevo was chosen because it conveys positivity and encouragement. The new name is a rally cry for optimism and growth for our customers.”
With the new identity, Brevo stands out as the only all- in-one solution, with unmatched value for reliable customer support in a full CRM Suite that keeps brands GDPR compliant.
“The overarching goal as Brevo was to highlight our personality and unique value of our own branding. As the core element is growth, this theme is carried through in all visuals with a logo inspired by growing trees and language that reflects the expansion of our mission. Our primary color choice is green to evoke growth and secondary colors have been selected for each of our product offerings for ease of recognition,” shares Miri Blum, Global Vice President of Marketing.
Over the past 18 months, Brevo has surpassed $100M in annual-recurring revenue—all while staying EBITDA positive—via a stable organic compounded annual growth rate of 40%, and acquired six companies—Chatra, Metrilo, PushOwl, Yodel.io, Captain Wallet and MeetFox—to accelerate the delivery of features as customer needs have changed. Brevo has big plans for the future: to achieve $1 billion ARR by 2030 with a sharp focus on answering the business need for building stronger, longer-lasting customer relationships.
In a world where marketing encompasses the entire customer experience, Brevo puts the focus on lasting relationships with real people. Brevo is a symbol of thoughtful long-term investments in relationships rather than short-term sales because relationships are always the best investment for growth. Now every business has a chance to fulfill their potential.
About Brevo
Brevo, formerly known as Sendinblue, is the leading customer relationship management (CRM) suite designed to fully cultivate long-term customer relationships and to empower businesses to expand in a fast changing digital world. With Brevo, businesses have a unified view of the customer journey in one easy-to-use platform to grow meaningful relationships. Brevo makes this simple and accessible with intuitive and scalable marketing and CRM tools such as Email, SMS, WhatsApp, Chat, Marketing Automation, Meetings, and much more. Today, more than 500,000 businesses across 180 countries, including Sodexo, Louis Vuitton, Carrefour, eBay, and Michelin, trust Brevo’s reliable technology and 75+ integrations to deliver unparalleled customer experiences, reduce costs, and drive sales in one CRM suite. Brevo has more than 700 employees globally and is headquartered in Paris with offices in Berlin, Vienna, Seattle, Toronto, Noida, Bangalore, and Sofia. For more information visit www.brevo.com.
For more information contact:
Ms Laura Parra, Brand & Communications Lead 

  • Company: Weezmo (Israel)
Connect Your Online and Offline Data with Weezmo
Weezmo is a powerful marketing platform that connects customers' online and in-store journeys. Our data-driven solutions empower retailers with actionable insights to increase engagement, conversions, and revenue. We enable retailers to identify 100% of their customers so that they can leverage the rest of our products to improve their ROI.
Our product portfolio helps connect online and offline activity on several different platforms, including email marketing, SMS campaigns, landing pages, analytics and reports, customer segmentation, a customer data platform (CDP), and contact management, creating a full omnichannel experience.
Weezmo works with over 800 global brands and brick-and-mortar stores around the world, such as McDonald’s, IKEA, H&M, Pizza Hut, Zara, and Mango. Weezmo offers businesses that don’t have a loyalty program a solution with marketing automation, and retailers who already have a loyalty program can benefit from Weezmo’s other features. These businesses streamline their operation with marketing automation, a customer data platform, and engagement tools.
In January 2021, Weezmo was acquired by Nayax (NASDAQ: NYAX), a global fintech company that specializes in payment solutions for retailers. Weezmo forms an important part of Nayax's solution portfolio for retailers, as it helps them grow their business by optimizing their marketing efforts. Learn more at www.weezmo.com.
For more information contact:
Ms Shanit Benzikri 

  • Company: Fluent Commerce (United Kingdom)

Fluent Order Management named a Strong Performer - The Forrester Wave™: Order Management Systems, Q2 2023

Fluent Commerce received the highest score in the strategy category, among the second highest scores in 13 criteria, including inventory segmentation and allocation, order orchestration, and fulfillment automation, and the highest possible scores in seven criteria, including:
✔️ Performance
✔️ Workflows and notifications
✔️ International orders and globalization
✔️ Usability and configuration
✔️ Product Vision
Companies like L’Oréal, Aldo Group, and LVMH use Fluent Order Management to solve challenges around overselling and canceled orders, fulfillment optimization, and more. In fact, one customer saw a 52% reduction in canceled orders which resulted in millions in savings on call center costs each year.
For more information contact:
Fluent Commerce (United Kingdom)

  • Company: Retailigence (Hungary)

Announcing the showcase of the revolutionary Retailigence Xray Mobile Store App, powered by cutting-edge AI, at Shoptalk Europe in Barcelona from May 9th to 11th.

With the Xray app, identifying and resolving sales leakage in your store has never been easier – with machine learning filtering out background noise, the app guides you to the shelf edge, allowing you to quickly and accurately pinpoint and resolve issues like out of stocks, incorrect displays, price discrepancies, and more.
What's more, it's incredibly user-friendly - the app runs on any smartphone, so you don't need any special equipment or training to get started. And with a proof of concept that's quick, easy, and inexpensive to set up, you can start seeing improvements in as little as 30 minutes a week.
For more information contact:
Richard Harris