Albanian Ecommerce Association

AECA is the first association in Albania focused on e-commerce. We were created with a clear goal to improve the e-commerce environment in Albania in order to have online sales over 20% of total sales. The current situation is far behind our objectives, therefore we have a lot of work to do and we need to be united in this common challenge that we have.

Our goal is:

- To increase the capacities of companies related to online sales in Albania.
- To lobby under one voice for the needs and support required by the State and its relevant institutions.
- To increase the capacities of young people in order to adapt to the new work skills that the Internet has provided.
- To help the companies of the association to increase their business outside Albania in such a way that the whole of Albania benefits from the work of online sales companies.

We are open to cooperating and helping any company because we believe that interacting and helping each other will increase our market and opportunities in such a way that all companies will benefit more than they benefit from being isolated. We aim to grow the e-commerce market so much that everyone can benefit from it. We believe this can happen if we come together and all help makes online shopping easier and better.