Baz Saidieh

Global Partner

Antler VC

Baz is a Global Partner at Antler, a venture capital firm that is the world’s most active early-stage investor. He is particularly focused on building impactful innovation models to drive corporate-startup relationships. 

Over the past 25 years, Baz has had first-hand experiences with innovation from the perspective of startups, consultants, VCs, and blue-chip corporations. He has been an active investor, advisor, CEO, or founding member of over 40 startups and brings expertise from several industries including retail, consumer goods, technology and healthcare. 

Baz was previously the Global Managing Director of Unilever’s innovation business unit, The Foundry. He has served as CEO and Partner of a London-based retail/ consumer venture capital fund, was the founder of Accenture’s Global Medical Technology Practice and the EMEA Lead, and was a founding member of a Life Sciences IoT startup that scaled across Europe and the US. 

Whilst recently taking time away to bring up his young family, Baz went on to co-found a startup investment club (The Table Partnership) and serves as a special advisor to a leading family office (Wharton Asset Management).