Ben Miller

Insight & Product Director


Ben is Insight & Product Director at IGD, a UK-based insight organisation that tracks and reports on leading global grocery retailers, trends, and markets. A member of IGD’s Exec team, he is responsible for the global research programme, covering grocery retailer performance and strategy, grocery market development and routes-to-market. 

Ben manages a team of journalists and analysts, leading the strategic development of IGD’s research and reporting through Retail Analysis, and consultants that unlock growth for IGD’s customers through personalised Solutions. 

Known for his ability to translate future-focused trends for the grocery industry into accessible and actionable insights, and for his enthusiastic and passionate delivery, he presents from Board meetings to large stage presentations to thousands of industry executives globally.

Ben has spent his entire career in the global CPG retail industry. He has tracked and reported on key global CPG retailers from Walmart to Tesco; markets from the US to the UK; and channels from discount to online, on which he specialises.  

Before joining IGD, Ben held commercial, marketing and investor relations roles at Safeway, and holds a business degree from Nottingham Business School.