Dimas Gimeno


WOW Concept

Dimas Gimeno is an entrepreneur and investor in the retail and
technology industry. He has a law degree and a master's degree in
private law from the Universidad de San Pablo (CEU) and an EMBA from
AESE Business School (associated with IESE).
Dimas belongs to the 4 th . generation of the family that owns El Corte
Inglés. On his return from studying in Australia he joined the company,
moving to Portugal to collaborate with different executive positions with
the opening of the subsidiary and the first El Corte Inglés center in the
city of Lisbon and, later, in Porto. After his mission in Portugal, Dimas
returned to work in Head Office as a board member and in charge of
sales management. In 2014 he was appointed executive president of El
Corte Inglés, a position he left in 2018.
Currently, he is a founding partner and CEO of WOW, a phygital retail
platform that combines a marketplace and an experiential physical space.
In addition, he is the founder of KAPITA, an investment firm specialized in
retail & tech that supports companies that define and transform the retail
sector of the future.
Dimas believes that the retail sector is facing a paradigm shift, which
goes beyond mere digital acceleration. There have also been changes at
a social, economic, technological level ... And, most importantly, there
has been a change in the equation of the value of our consumers ...
Faced with this new paradigm, which means the end of retail as we have
known it, It is essential that companies in the industry carry out a retail
To convey this message of transformation, Dimas regularly participates in
national and international events in the sector as an expert and keynote
He is also co-author, along with Luis Lara, of the book "Retail Reset"
Editorial LID (2021) launched in English in January 2023.