Lisa Smith

Partner, Customer Strategy & Design

Deloitte Digital

Lisa Smith, a Deloitte Digital Partner, has pioneered the Unlimited Reality ™ offering focused on spatial computing, Web 3 0 Metaverse, blockchain and Generative AI experience integrations.

Lisa inspires and is a frequent keynote speaker at events such as Black Tech Fest, Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, Shop Talk Europe and Women of Silicon Valley Roundabout Lisa’s role also expands Deloitte’s strategic alliances with both Apple and Meta Lisa also spend her time advising Boards of Directors and CEO’s on how to effectively and efficiently deploy their digital portfolio investments across the scale of the enterprise in digital product operating models.

Lisa is Deloitte UK’s Black Experience Sponsor and is a Consulting DE&I Executive representative, leading as an advocate for black representation and promotion at Deloitte UK, Deloitte EU and across the “Big 4 professional services network shaping and driving policy change via fi rst of its kind inclusion initiatives Lisa sits on the Advisory Steering Group for Black Representation in Marketing ( and the Black Executive CMO Alliance ( is a sponsoring Partner for Deloitte’s LGBTQ+ Network ( and spends time advising for Blue Print For All and The Stepladder Foundation.