Ohad Elzur

Store & Promotion Technology Director

AS Watson

Digital transformation and strategy leader with 20 years of wide global experience in the Retail-software industry.
With an end to end understanding of retail processes and customer touch-points from both retailer and SW provider point of view, I’m focused on leading strategic functional and architecture changes which bring new capabilities to AS Watson.

I’ve worked 10 years in Retalix (now NCR) managing projects, key-customers and operations. I’ve joined AS Watson 13 years ago. My first key project in AS Watson was the implementation of a single promotion-engine which we use for all our channels and touchpoints.

In the last 3 years I’m responsible for the strategy, roadmap and innovation of our Store and Promotion technology. As part of that, I’m leading the global ‘next gen store-technology’ program across AS Watson business units.