Advertima Vision AG

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Advertima’s real-time In-store Retail Media solution transforms physical retail environments and stores into a revenue-generating Retail Media channel. Combining 3D computer vision and advanced machine learning, we transform in-store shoppers into anonymized, addressable, and measurable audiences.
Easy to integrate into existing Retail Media ecosystems, our solution creates audience segments based on attributes such as age and gender. Targeted ads are served through existing digital signage via direct bookings or programmatically to relevant shoppers already in a browsing and purchasing mindset. Data-driven insights akin to online unlock and fuel a new era of performance-driven in-store media for every stakeholder: Trade and Shopper Marketers plus Brands.
Advertima Vision AG was founded in 2021 in St.Gallen, Switzerland, by retail, media and tech experts to become the market-leading In-store Retail Media solution. Advertima’s fast-growing team works with customers and technology partners across the globe.