Intent HQ

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Intent HQ is leading a revolution in privacy-safe customer analytics. Our AI Platform predicts what people want, without knowing who they are. In doing so, we are helping the world's largest and most trusted brands apply AI in a valuable yet responsible way to transform previously untapped data sets into predictive insights and contextual understanding that deliver profitable, sustainable customer growth, value-centric customer experiences, and owned media monetization opportunities.
Our AI platform finds signals from noise across all first-party customer exhaust and device behavior while preserving privacy. Transforming the signal into rich behavioral insights enables enterprises to predict customers. Safely share signals and predictions with full control. Use them to create efficient, effective, and relevant marketing, advertising, and customer experiences.
We have quietly dedicated more than ten years to responsible AI development and invested over £60M with a global team of 100+ experts across five countries to transform the way Enterprises understand, serve, and engage with their customers. We manage over 100 million customer profiles and 15 billion data points for our clients every day. Our repeated recognition in the FT1000 and STL Partners Top 100 Edge Computing Companies highlights our commitment to relentless innovation and customer data privacy.