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Lobyco delivers a versatile & valuable marketing toolkit to retailers, powering individually targeted and personalised communications to their customers, so they can build engaging experiences and keep them shopping at their stores.
Not only does it include classic customer loyalty solutions through our robust loyalty management platform, we have earn & burn, currency master and wallet capabilities, so we can continue helping retailers build relationships with longevity. We do this by ensuring value perception is at the forefront of customers minds, so they really see the benefit of their shopping.
Working in tandem or separately, our promotions platform includes hundreds of flexible promotion parameters, and is enriched by additional features such as AI to deliver personalisation, gamification and even continuity, to make sure the customer remains at the centre of the relationship
Our innovative self-checkout solution is an untapped engagement mechanic that improves customer value perception, by connecting payment methods with your loyalty program (including paying with bonus/points) that reduces friction for the customer and reduces fraud for the retailer.
With grocery clients in North America, EMEA and a recent expansion in APAC, Lobyco is precisely tailored to working with grocers to grow their share of wallet and open up new revenue streams.