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MikMak is the leading global platform for eCommerce acceleration for multichannel brands and provides analytics and eCommerce enablement software to help product manufacturers and CPG companies understand their consumers' online behavior, determine the best use of marketing dollars, and drive online sales. We let consumers choose where they want to check out, and we’ve patented part of the technology that allows them to do so. The invention, U.S. Patent No. 11,475,487, outlines the key technologies used to power multi-retail selection and checkout within online video marketing campaigns. From social media to programmatic to brand.com, MikMak helps brands reach their consumers where they spend their time online. We measure online consumer behavior and provide insights that brands use to optimize media and for conversions, build and segment qualified shopper audiences to improve targeting, manage inventory to protect market share, and build stronger relationships with retailers. That’s what the industry likes to call multi retailer eCommerce enablement!