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MishiPay’s technology enables in-store shoppers to pick up a product, scan the barcode with their phone, pay with their phone and simply leave the store. This ability for the user to simply Scan, Pay and Go, enables retailers to increase their sales by 35% for every shopper visiting the store due to the improvement in the engagement and quality of time spent in the store, while also reducing the reliance on cashier staff and equipment and thus improving store efficiency. What's more, you get to understand every customer in terms of what they are buying and what they are thinking of buying through analysing purchased basket and abandoned basket data which we can help you action via our product recommendations during the user journey. We empower stores with our technology with no changes to their software or hardware infrastructure and can go live within just 2 weeks. Come meet us at our booth to experience a live demo of MishiPay inside a store and discuss how we can help improve the customer experience in your store.