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Rierino is a hyper-composable digital commerce platform that accelerates in-house innovation with endless customizations, empowers less technical roles through low-code/no-code, and supports brands in outpacing their competition using embedded AI/ML. With its rapid innovation features, Rierino Core Platform supports B2C, B2B, and marketplaces as well as any unique business model effortlessly tackling enterprise-grade development challenges to fuel unlimited growth.
Thriving in large-scale digital-first environments, Product Information Management (PIM), Content Management (CMS), Personalization, and other mission-specific modules help kickstart transformations without going all in at once. Real-time Generative AI and ML capabilities can be integrated into any customer interaction or workflow enabling smart automation and higher productivity. Currently backed by the Future Impact Fund and featured in Fast Company’s Top 100 Startups to Watch, it is the brainchild of seasoned strategy and technology advisors who have served over 60 brands across 20 countries.