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Created in 2015, Shopopop is a crowdshipping delivery solution. Shopopop is dedicated to the collaborative economy, redesigning delivery around collective vertue. A real community of retailers, consumers and individual deliverers committed to more virtuous everyday deliveries! Everyone becomes an essential part of the solution and everyone finds an answer to their needs.
For their part, retailers offer home delivery to their customers through crowdshipping. A flexible, human and sustainable delivery solution that does not require them to make any material or human investment.
The deliveries are undertaken by the individuals, who take advantage of their regular trips to deliver to consumers along the way. They receive a tip of a few euros in exchange. A real boost to make ends meet while providing a service!
And consumers thus get deliveries at home or other address they choose, and within the desired time slot. A tailor-made delivery, ideal for those who are unable to travel or who are short of time. It is also an opportunity to exchange a smile and a few words with the deliverer!
Today, Shopopop is the European leader in crowdshipping delivery, with over 8,000,000 million deliveries performed and over 6,000 partner retailers. Our ambition? To make crowdshipping the new standard for goods transport by combining the best of technology and human common sense!