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Shopopop : the European crowdshipping leader

We make delivery more flexible, affordable and sociable. Shopopop is a crowdshipping solution, connecting stores, shoppers and customers, in urban and rural areas. A delivery service that makes sense, with a shared goal of helping people make money from regular journeys while developing a sense of community.

What's the concept? A private individual, whom we call a "Shopper" (he is non-professional) collects an order (food, flowers, wine, etc.) from a store while he is on the road (back from work, going to the gym, …) and delivers it to the buyer's home in exchange for a tip.

With Shopopop, everyone can make the most of their resources. Major chains and local stores can offer their customers’ home delivery with unlimited number of deliveries during the same time frame and without any financial investment. Shoppers can get the most out of their regular trips and earn a bit of money delivering to people near them.