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We love shopping – and consumers love shopping with shopreme.

Driving technology innovation in retail
Consumers should experience the same speed, convenience and personalisation level in a brick-and-mortar store as they do when shopping online. That's why we developed shopreme - a turnkey Unified Self-Checkout solution, including Scan & Go, SCO and an Exit Terminal, that enables retailers to offer frictionless checkouts and hybrid customer journeys in stores worldwide.

Our mission
We create value for retailers by adding value for their customers. We do this by developing retail technology that combines the best of physical and digital commerce. Our solutions help brick-and-mortar retailers quickly create convenient and exciting shopping experiences and turn customers into loyal brand ambassadors.

Our vision
We are setting the benchmark in Scan & Go and Self-Checkout Kiosks and shaping brick-and-mortar retail worldwide. Above all, we are a company that improves people's lives by saving them time and encouraging them to make the right buying decisions. We strive for excellence in everything we do, which can be felt by everyone who works with and for us.