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Taggstar has been the leader in enterprise social proof since 2013.

Our social proof messaging surfaces real-time shopping trends and is proven to increase online conversion rate uplift, sales and revenue, delivering an ROI of 100%+.

Customers can easily get overwhelmed by the breadth of choice online. Our messages act as a virtual sales assistant helping customers make quicker and better-informed buying decisions and giving them the confidence to purchase.

By anonymously aggregating other customers’ online behaviour, we present shoppers with a more dynamic and personalised shopping experience by sharing with them what others are buying in real-time.

Our algorithms collect real-time shopping data directly from retailers’ and brands' own sites. We surface message balloons showing real-time trends, product views, category bestsellers, aggregated reviews, items added to basket and more.

We have the widest range of customizable messages, supported by machine learning, enabling us to share the right combination of messages at the right time in the customer journey to drive conversion and purchase.

Our own social proof is our enterprise customers, who include Aldi, Argos, Charles Tyrwhitt, Dr Martens, FatFace, Hotel Chocolat, Marks & Spencer, NBrown, New Look, Revolution Beauty, SportsShoes.com, The Very Group – for all of whom we have driven demonstrable results see here