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Operating as one team in tight collaboration with our clients, Yalantis transforms innovative business ideas into technical solutions that change the world and enable everyone to achieve more.
Transforming the IT industry through teamwork, mutual assistance, and common values in compliance with the principles of egalitarianism, openness, and freedom, each associate gets more.
Yalantis is an ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 27001 certified software engineering and IT consulting company with 14+ years of experience, development centers across Europe, and 500+ qualified experts aboard.
Top facts about Yalantis:
— 96% customer satisfaction rate
— 15+ partners collaborating with Yalantis for 7+ years
Expertise: Cloud & DevOps, BI, Analytics, Big data, ML and AI, IoT, Data science, Cybersecurity, Performance engineering, RPA, SRE, UI and UX design, Low code solutions, and Rust development.
Solutions: SaaS development, End-to-end business solutions, Digital transformation, Mobile software products, Communication, Blockchain
Industries we serve: Fintech, Healthcare, Logistics, and Real estate.