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Zitcha is a unified omnichannel retail media platform that simplifies and enhances your retail media operations. Our scalable solution integrates your media assets, including on-site, off-site, and in-store channels, empowering you to drive performance across every touchpoint.


Zitcha's platform streamlines your processes by automating campaign planning, activation, and optimisation, allowing you to focus on driving results. Leverage your first-party customer data to deliver personalised, relevant advertising experiences that engage consumers and drive sales. Create effective, equity-driven campaigns with closed-loop measurement, ensuring impact for your brand partners.

Zitcha's unified platform is designed to increase your retail media yield while reducing complexity. By consolidating your operations within a single platform, you reduce the need for multiple vendors and streamline your tech stack, saving time and resources while improving your bottom line.
With Zitcha's approach and flexible pricing, you have access to the right capabilities at the right time, allowing you to grow your retail media business effectively.